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The Cloud is the OS™

MoolOS is creating a paradigm change in how we view/consume the Internet.

At Moolex, we believe the Cloud is the OS. The operating systems of the future will be distributed and will involve a seamless continuum of Machine to Machine , Machine to Human and Human to Human interactions, with the Cloud being the fabric of continuity.


Imagine, an always on experience in MoolOS - like today's electricity or natural gas - is part of our lives.

The idea of a MoolOS Cloud at home, at work, in your car, public places where you control the environment is diametrically opposite to the world of smartphones, PCs and tablets. Not just adding to the electromagnetic noise pollution, power consumption - we, at Moolex believe that a much more Greener existence involves more smartness, less devices and silicon.

Connected TV

One World, One TV™

Now own your TV Channel. Start with an IPTV Channel on Moolex TV and graduate to distributing your content on Satellite TV.


Moolex TV

Moolex TV

launches development of a direct distribution platform for content owners/aggregators bringing the best of Satellite, Fiber and Wireless.

Moolex Advertising

starts identifying clients for delivering converged campaigns bringing the best of Radio / Connected TV and Print / Display Advertising.

Moolex announces

Moolex Health

to offer speech enabled cloud offering to consumers and health care providers.

Moolex Health

Moolex Networks

begins work on enabling Terabit/second fiber data transmission for Cable / Telco Operators and Data centers. AND Gigabit/s wireless hot-spots from digital signage, billboards and other areas of interest.

Open M

works with Data centers to deploy next generation Clouds featuring speech enabled PBXs, Applications Hosting in niche vertical markets.

Moolex Construction

to develop innovative fracture / asset screening techniques for bridges / mines and other large structures.

Organic Farming / Farmer Stores

Moolex Agriculture to offer -direct to home- distribution of organic farming.

Moolex Agriculture

We are enabling thousands of organic, non genetically modified seed - farmers in India, US and Brazil so the best Mother Nature can grow comes into our homes.

Virtual or Colocated Farmer Stores

to complement a direct distribution model in partnership with major Retail Chains. We see a tremendous opportunity to get the best in quality and nutrition in our homes. We are suffering an epidemic of obesity, poor nutrition and increasing predictors of ill health. We need to change this negative, harmful and unhealthy momentum with organic, nutritious and healthy eating at price points that are cheaper than harmful foods that we eat today.

Global Bank Network Association

GBNA to offer platform to speed up formation of new ethnic and regional credit unions in US.

Moolex Merchant Processing

Todays' aspiring new Credit Unions can look to GBNA for providing variety of resources such as operational, legal , technologies of issuance, banking and other incubation related support. A seamless incubation and operationalization has great potential to help a community to bring economic power to themselves.

At Moolex - we really want the economic recovery to matter in the lives of the average citizen and not just certain businesses and banks. By providing a roadmap, communities of 50 - 100,000 may look to have their own Credit Unions.

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