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Strategic Liquidity

A 3-Element Engine to Incubate Innovation

Assets from various family offices, institutions & governments are available to Q8—a Moolex platform. Q8 helps credit-enhance pools of operating assets, and underwritten project plans to create tradeable securities—Q8 Treasury Notes [Q8TNs]. Q8TNs are rated, insured, syndicated and eventually placed by, a Moolex platform.

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About bioRave Audit 

The Moolex Ecosystem is the vehicle for underwriting pooled funding requests. Funding requests from entities representing governments, enterprises, cooperatives, or startups, are matched with capitalized Moolex Campaigns. Each Campaign represents a set of deliverables or milestones, which result from ongoing incubations across Moolex. Together with entities, the Campaigns and their incubation vehicles, namely Platforms, Associations, and Organizational Units, represent the Ecosystem. Matched funding requests are prioritized by their MTM Scores.
The Liquidity Engine engages with an entity using Q Tickets, which are of two categories: Q8 & QmX. Q8 Tickets are specific to capital investment, whereas QmX Tickets accommodate a broad scope of requests such as:
  • 1 buying & selling of products, goods, & services,
  • 2 offers of consulting, employment, & volunteering,
  • 3 financing of education with scholarships,
  • 4 crowdsourcing the development of ideas,
  • 5 networking to develop trade partnerships.
A set of flexible, yet accountable terms—such as advance payouts for purchase orders, debt, equity, or other hybrid arrangements—are finalized at the closing of each liquidity cycle.
Q8 & QmX Tickets are underwritten into large funding pools. 80% of the tranche is deployed from Q8, Moolex's asset platform. The remaining 20% of the proposed funding is generated from the successful placement of a tradeable security, namely the Q8 Treasury Note [Q8TN], which then triggers the release of Q8 capital.
Regulatory oversight is tightly integrated in the entire transaction flow. Seven Sigma is a Moolex platform that strenuously focuses on compliance with applicable laws of the country where the underlying securities trade is domiciled. Technological innovations in transaction security from bioRave  , a platform of Moolex, offers optional anonymity in certain cryptocurrency transactions.

Current Happenings across the Ecosystem

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mVote™ a platform of Moolex, utilizes proprietary algorithms to determine relevance of the ecosystem activity, & is based on
  • 1: metrics including achievement of milestones, and recognition from peers, &
  • 2: curated organizational behavior and aspirational future value.
Awarded individuals, behaviors, or entities do not necessarily have a Moolex affiliation.

mXchange is Moolex platform. Pooled funding requests and operating assets, together with Q8 assets are structured into securities which are rated, insured, and then subsequently placed amongst pre-approved Q8Patrons, licensed exchanges in different jurisdictions, or through registered broker-dealers in different markets. mXchange is working with different governments and stock exchanges to help deploy licensed exchanges for trading. Sphenome software offers substantial value addition. Underlying algorithms improve upon blockchain computing and distributed ledgers. Global Bank Network [GBN], a Moolex platform offers efficient multijurisdictional settlement. M is a global credit system being deployed in partnerships with Central Banks and other institutions to offer interoperability between different sovereign currencies and some cryptocurrencies.

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About bioRave Audit 

How does the Q8 Liquidity Engine work? 

The Q8 Liquidity Engine consists of four phases. Applicants must proactively engage with the process to expedite their liquidity request. MTM score assessments adjust for factors such as: a country's population density, carbon footprint, healthcare infrastructure, energy consumption, food security, and water accessibility. Liquidity for Sustainability index (LfS), a proprietary index, tracks these factors on a semiannual basis.

Get your MTM score—3d ‡
Match your Liquidity Request —5d ‡
Register your Q8 & QmX Tickets —15d ‡
Access your Funding —30d ‡
‡: Refers to estimated number of international banking days in a typical funding cycle. Additional details and fine print apply. Subject to applicable laws in the domicile jurisdiction of the underlying mXchange transaction.

Get your MTM  score

based on:

Entities representing governments at all levels, public or private enterprises, startups, cooperatives, idea-stage entities, affiliations, associations, trade-guilds, professional firms in law, accounting, or others are eligbile for access to capital infusion. MTM score values the ability, experience, and focus of the team to achieve business-plan milestones.

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Relevant information includes mission, brief summary, and execution plan of the project. Entities are encouraged to focus less on financial feasibility and incremental rate of return and more on the achievement of underwritten milestones. Business models that promote sustainability are weighted favorably in the MTM score assessment.


Match your Liquidity request

based on:

The entity matches its MTM-scored funding request to one or more available Campaigns, which have already been underwritten and capitalized by the Q8 Asset Platform. These matched funding requests are pooled on the basis of use of funds and/or value created.

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The Liquidity Engine is able to fund ideas, projects, and companies, which may be otherwise difficult to finance through current banking options. This funding promotes the desired impact or milestone of the Campaign or its constituent entities, notwithstanding the market-value created.



Register your Q Tickets

    Upon the successful matching of a funding request to one or more Campaigns, entities are eligible to register Q8 & QmX Tickets. These tickets represent the negotiated price and terms of
  • 1
  • products,
  • 2
  • services,
  • 3
  • collaterals, or
  • 4
  • deliverables. An licensed stock or trade exchange, algorithmically underwrites the Q8 & QmX Tickets, resulting in the finalization of a tranche-deployment schedule.

Upon registration of Q8 & QmX Tickets, Moolex Finance triggers an cash-flow enhancement of the underlying operations of the entity, regardless of the scope of the Q8 & QmX Ticket.

Backed by the assets of Q8, the Moolex Capital Platform works to enhance the credit strength of the registered Q8 & QmX Tickets.

The scope of Q8 Tickets also includes the leveraging of equity and the development of intangibles—both of which can maximize the return from the Liquidity Engine and qualify the entity to secure an advance while working on its business plan.

Public or private entities are able to place their equity (options, warrants, or common/preferred stock) by requesting an additional Q8 Tickets.

Q8 & QmX Tickets can be used to fund the development of intellectual property, copyrights, domain expertise, trade relationships, goodwill in the target client base, and other intangibles, further strengthening the position of the entity.


Access your Funding

Collateral of equity, existing cash flow, and other fixed or movable assets strengthen the Q8 & QmX Ticket, which can qualify the entity to receive an advance payment. Such payouts can be used to cover seed-capital requirements or pay for deposits on purchase orders.

Entities can negotiate flexible combinations of options, warrants, and rights of first refusals on founder, preferred, or common stock.
Funded project pools can take advantage of an effective rate of zero% interest by participating in adjustable blends of short term, mezzannine, long term, and convertible debt.
Invited Ecosystem members can exercise their right to own stock of Moolex entities via MTM.
Not an offer of security. Details and restrictions apply. Not available in all jurisdictions.

Q8 Treasury Notes (Q8TNs) are coupon-bearing securities underwritten and credit-enhanced by Q8. Each Q8TN is syndicated and placed by licensed trade and stock exchanges. Each entity is expected to be engaged at every level of syndication and placement by participating in road shows and other promotional events.

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