17 Plus 1

December 17, 2019 - December 18, 2020
A year-long Campaign to fast-track the adoption of the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

January 17, 2020
Awards and Recognitions Live Ceremony

Get Credit Allocation

for your project and funding requests. Submissions from over 100 countries spanning sectors, supply-chain innovations are additional partnering opportunities for Impact Credits.

Generate Impact

by deploying concepts of Impact Engineering and nurturing Impactapreneurs within your sphere of influence and incubating your Impact ventures.

Get 800

Leverage powerful Impact Engineering tools and methodologies to strengthen the impact of your business model. This helps increase a proprietary M score which then allows your funding request to be included in an f5.zone security.


Begin showcasing your Impact Ventures, Impact Zones, Impact Ideations to a global audience of partners, enablers, influencers, and growth investor pools.



Explore some of our featured 17 Plus 1 tracks below. Each is helping to transform the planet with non-zero-sum and sustainable growth.

Sphenome Research

Domain experts, scientists, and academia together constitute the SphReI faculty. Together with our other incubations, faculty and students collaborate with industry to get projects or research labs funded via f5.zone.  The SphReI mission is to efficiently productize and commercialize research.


Innovations to enhance and protect humanity's access to best of nature's resources—water, air, food, and the environment. Develop efficient business models to enable countries to uphold basic food and environment security, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Impact Zones

An impact zone is a SEZ or FTZ, or an issue-based development project, e.g. pollution control, waste management, which is deployed turnkey, usually in PPP mode, without sovereign or payment guarantees or tax subsidies.


Novum brings world-class healthcare to regions and countries with Novum Care (Superspecialty/Tertiary Care/Primary Care infrastructure), NoviRx (subsidized prescriptions), and Novagenome Care Plans.


SphOS Studios provides sustainable institutional financing, logistics support, and innovative distribution strategies to the creative supply-chain and studios to streamline the production and distribution of the arts, music, films, and more.


Alternative capital asset enhancement infusion allows the innovation in products and plans that licensed insurers bring into the market, where SphRI bears most of the financial risk.  Govts. and citizens can affordably access disaster, crop, travel, health, life insurance.

Auvura Space

Bringing proprietary research and development of tools, technologies, and skills to better train the world's best would-be astronauts for missions in a Space Academy setting. 


Substantial advance in satellite, atmospheric, and terrestrial data networks augmented with ultraspectral sensors and network enhancers in latency and bandwidth, bringing a utility model to data-access.


Distributed Ledger-based deployment of an array of services utilizing machines and sensors to assist in substantially improving human quality-of-life. The services are based on NetGrid nodes—a proprietary utility-grade compute capacity together with distributed power grids—across communities.


Adding a 7th dimension—human behavioral aptitude—to the famous 6-sigma practice of continuous quality improvement and significant organizational growth, Seven Sigma focuses on delivering business process efficiency enhancement augmented with machine learning and artificial intelligence.


FreshStreet is where Main Street meets Wall Street. An intake and listing in private, member-only exchanges for the creation, listing, syndication, and placement of securities in stock, commodity, trade-exchanges. f5.zone enables algorithmic, cross-border trading to cause strategic and institutional infusion of smart-money into economies.

Universal Pacific 

The uniPAC Reserve deploys pledged assets from the Q8 Asset Platform to furnish central banks around the world with access to capital reserves and smart monetary policy deployment frameworks, which strengthen the GDP of a country, while promoting substantial socioeconomic progress for the grassroots.

Sustainable Economic Development for countries

Deploy region or issue-based Free Trade Zones (FTZ) or Special Economic Zones (SEZ) without giving tax subsidies to attract investments. mGIDA's non-zero sum Impact Zones drive sustainable growth and leapfrog your country into a first world nation.

IMPACT Engineering

1. Fast track Workshops

Start with an Impact Credit allocation and create Impact. Get your existing or new projects submitted to f5.zone.

f5.zone submissions can also be evaluated for seed/advance funding.

Structured Fund Pools by uniPAC Reserve

2. Use Impact Credits to grow your Business

Create your own projects. Incubate, innovate, and partner with existing projects.

3. Access Strategic Funding

Your successful f5.zone submissions are included as beneficiaries in security listings in private or public stock/commodity/trade exchanges.

Deployment of sustainable project funding tranches

f5.zone Public Exchanges

4. Exit Financing

Private Exchanges and interfaces to public stock, commodity, and trade-exchanges offer sustainable wealth creation and GDP growth and helps sustain a responsible monetary policy.

A Successful Impactapreneur

Featured Campaigns

Join to help transform the world with non-zero sum and sustainable growth.
Become a part of history
Profit from 17 Plus 1 Campaign as you resolve to fast-track the adoption of the
United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.



Impact Credits u50k

Year-long event to create Impact in your life.

Lend a hand to create a sustainable planet, and Sphiverse will help convert your Impact credits to bank funds.

Introductory Special Fee


Convert Impact Credits to Bank funds.



Small, Medium Enterprise

Become eligible for up to $10M

Explore funding, growth, problem-solving, and networking options.

Project, partnership, incubation related request submissions to f5.zone to fast-track your fundraising efforts.

Opt. Add-on


Seed, Advance, and Mezzanine opportunities.



A Global 100K Business

Project funding in R&E $2B

Raising $200 M or more

Mezzanine, Pre-IPO, PPP/BOT Access to secondary markets for private entities.

Opt. Syndication Pkg.


Fast-Track Impact Zones & partnerships.



A F1 Diamond Business

Legacy & Wealth creation $20B

Family offices, G-1000 execs, Heads of states, Patrons

Club Memberships,
White Glove Concierge
Emergency Search & Rescue, Air Hospitals,
Forex & cross-border banking

Moolex Jewels,
Private music, art, & movie screenings
Curated Celebrity-exclusives.

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