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17 Plus 1

A year-long campaign to fast-track the adoption of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals initiative.


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Seven Sigma Support Desk

for all Sphiverse unit(s) not specifically covered by other support desks.

f5.zone Support Desk

for all f5.zone, .IO exchanges, .clubs and card transactions trading, and settlement issues.

Novum Support Desk

for Novum, Novagenome, NoviRx, NovumDNA, Nov(a,i,u)medica, Novatural, WAFE products and services.

Sph OS Services Support

for all SphOS, Netgrids, Root IoV, Sphenome Distributed Ledgers (SDL), and interfaces to human or machine devices and transactions.

UNIPAC Support

Universal Pacific Reserve help/support issues for all matters concerning UNIPAC, uniNOTE, M settlements, and engagements with any bank, financial institution, or central banks.

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