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The world's first AI—enhanced virus protection grid deploys a 360°, 24x7x365 protection-grid across six levels against outbreak of pathogens—viral, bacterial, other virulent vectors—and diseases & pursues a dual strategy of decontamination & treatment in parallel to combat COVID-19 with remarkable efficacy.


We estimate that 87% of Earth's population will be free from new COVID-19 cases, on or before August 24, 2020. Consensus among SphReI Impact Construct Simulations shows that Earth is likely to become free of the COVID-19 pandemic by October 11, 2020. announces countdown clocks marking the end of the pandemic in each country.
Sphenome Research Institute is grateful to many governments who have expressed willingness to allow us to help their citizens by piloting our validated set of solutions in the fight against COVID-19.
Dr. Rahul Chaturvedi, M.D., CEO, Moolex.
June 1, 2020, New York. announces two major initiatives:

  • Auvura S-class

    Efforts are underway to launch Auvura S-class satellites to further the research in the ongoing SphReI COVID-19 Tracking Study. Auvura S-class satellites are equipped with advanced spheon imaging and modulation technologies. Revolutionary spHeon engines are instrumental in meeting the high-level energy density and power consumption requirements of onboard equipment in the Auvura satellites and will be deployed in Phase 2 of the scheduled launches.

  • The One Earth League Tournament

    Each pilot (deployed in a 5-50 km2 region in any of 100+ countries around the world) is automatically enrolled as a team in the One Earth League Tournament. Each team will be compensated and those which achieve the best results in eliminating COVID-19 will receive additional cash awards. This Tournament is part of a strategy—developed by Seven Sigma—to use gamification as a catalyst to incentivize population behavior. One Earth League LLC has received an allocation of U1.7 billion (equivalent to US$1.7 billion) to reward all stakeholders.