HxVaccine—a UNIPAC-sponsored initiative under a modified creative-commons-attribution license—is being released to each person around the world, subject to applicable laws of domiciled-country. We declare with a high degree of confidence in emprical-best-fits that:
  • Globally-accessible and personalized treatments with HxVaccine—one of five shields of shieldSpace.AI—are more effective than prevalent vaccines being administered during COVID-19 pandemic. HxVaccine is eligible for immediate inclusion in trial protocols because the underlying referenced animal-and-human testing data, along with safety and efficacy of the cold-chain have already been rigorously studied and approved by numerous regulatory agencies around the world. HxVaccine is available through participation in the SphReI-HxVaccine clinical-trial.
  • This first-of-its-kind global initiative has the potential to not only eliminate the COVID-19 disease-vector, but also set into motion the rapid mitigation of periodic seasonal or biennial outbreaks of infectious diseases attributed to "viral-outbreaks" in different countries—SARS, MERS, Ebola, Dengue to name a few.
We introduce an advanced understanding of the genomic expression of immunity in a living human being and an era of personalized vaccines and treatments. A proprietary index of human immunity modulation—Human Immunity Score (HIS)—is proposed as a prognosticator of morbidity and mortality during the pandemic. A measure of 55 and above is postulated to be protective regardless of PPE and vaccines. 26 is a cut-off for patients who while ambulatory are at significantly higher risk. Today's prevalent vaccines are likely to be protective in delaying the manifestations of and reducing the mortality from pneumonic consolidation in symptomatic patients. Generic, non-personalized vaccines are more likely to cause side effects in patients with a HIS measure of 26 or lower. We further declare that the new iatrogenic-phase of COVID-19 has now morphed into a different disease in its method of spread, disease manifestations and mortality indicators.
  • ❯ Pandemics are best managed by early-effective containment. Singularly missing in effective lockdowns—is a key concept of concerted, coordinated and repeated environmental remediation. Misplaced reliance and its consequent harm by extensive use of multi-layer with N-95 or now N-99 masks is described in a Mask Toxicity Syndrome, that manifested in symptomatically—violence, intense emotional outbursts and brain-fog— and clinically—objective worsening of underlying chronic lung disease, metabolic disorders, and reduced humoral immunity. Patients with HIS measure of 42 and lower, who are more likely to want to be cautious, are ironically more likely to get sicker from mask related toxicity, if the use is prolonged and not limited to small periods of time for emergencies only. Masks are definitively protective but overuse in leisure or worse, in physical exertion cause increased side-effects.
  • ❯ The disease-vector in the current iatrogenic-phase is different in a few ways from the original natural phase vector:
  • The N-phase disease vector was heavier, and larger (2.5 cms in droplets) demonstrated a viable activation life-span of an average of 7-days in optimal conditions of ambient temperature, humidity and presence of fomite-hosts.
  • By contrast, I-phase disease vector is smaller (about 1 mm) and can deactivated in about 2.5 hours without a living host.
  • Similarly, N-phase had an incubation period of worsened clinical status after an average of 8 days, the I-phase, rising during early winter 2021 witnessed delayed symptom-onset by several weeks. Efficient spread in communities especially since early spring has now started manifesting with rapid onset of pneumonic consolidation, respiratory distress in a median of 2-days.
  • ❯ Our analyses show that a one-size-fits-all containment and related public policy is crude and has been not well adopted. A nuanced SHF-postulate of the differences between viral-vectors in influenza or COVID-19 and those of poliomyelitis or measles, for example, is important in the role of vaccines in pandemic management. SHF-KB provides a novel understanding of origin, spread and mechanisms of injury in viral-vectors in COVID-19.
  • ❯ It is notable that number of patients experiencing seasonal cold and flu in several geographical clusters dropped by almost 70% during fall/winter of 2020.
  • ❯ The SHF has arrived at empirical-best-fits in possible answers to thousands of questions relating to the pandemic and human disease itself. Empirical HIS score based analyses have helped us to predict which patients are more at-risk and what protective measures are likely to be more effective.
  • ❯ Vaccines and personal protective measures are important but prevailing theories on the extent of efficacy in preventing new-onset infections or further spread of disease-vectors have been largely rejected in the SHF-Knowledgebase (SHF-KB) analyses. Spillover of vaccination-related protections have also added to laxity in the careful restraint needed in the vector exposure, especially in closed-spaces such as malls and offices. Continued availability of vector-hosts has manifested in a continued iatrogenic phase of the pandemic, now raging in many countries.
  • ❯ Preprint disclosures of SphReI-HxVaccine subset of the Sphenome Heuristics Framework in a series of convertible Public Service Announcements (cPSA) have been released since early 2020.
  • ❯ Rigorous observational data analyses—case–control and cohort-based—along with surveys and data from over 97 countries have validated some of SHF-Knowledgebase postulates in how disease vectors cause human disease. In chief, vaccines given to patients with HIS of 26, while still helpful are likely to cause more side-effects.
  • ❯ Several predictive analytics-results of our framework, since late 2019, have subsequently evidenced to be true.
  • ❯ The trial-platform is a bold attempt bring a transformational change on how research is done with transparency and integrity.
  • ❯ The effort is to carefully validate almost every theory and practice prevalent so that humanity can move away from idiosyncracies in pubic policy which necessarily come into play in effecting population-behavior to combat a pandemic, or public-health issues generally.
  • ❯ As we introduce groundbreaking discoveries, we believe the SphReI-HxVaccine Trial Platform will improve our understanding of the human body and how disease manifests.
  • ❯  This will avoid unnecessary animal experiments or human lives, shorten time to conduct clinical trials and develop new classes of personalized therapeutics and pharmaceuticals and responsibly introduce them into the mainstream of medicine.
  • ❯  This trial will showcase world's best-in-class technologies and validated best-practices in the access, delivery, and consumption of healthcare services worldwide.
U—Budgetary Funding
The SphReI-HxVaccine Trial Platform adoption is based on a digital-token-based funding methodology which creates fiat-liquidity with sustainable exits in regulated public stock markets. An allocation of U8tn for the first time brings tokenization into population-behavior and clinical research.
  • ❯ The SphReI-HxVaccine Trial Platform is the world's first distributed-ledger to allow real-time connectivity to researchers and stakeholders in healthcare delivery.
  • ❯ For the first time, researchers will be able to configure their clinical-trial design and engage a heuristics engine to recruit trial participants.
  • ❯ Human researchers will be able to conduct audited raw data collections, flexibly, in a variety of trial designs.
  • ❯ The entire trial platform is securely available to participating healthcare institutions and researchers worldwide.
  • ❯ Researchers can fund up to 100% of their trials including expenses of diagnostics and clinical care.
  • ❯ The costs of the trial-platform are subsidized by investments over a 2-year period by UNIPAC and are funded directly into the central bank of each participating country.
  • ❯ The raw datasets are then to-be-made available under an sLicense to efficiently further research.
  • ❯ For the first time, researchers will be able to analyze observational, case-controlled, interventional single/double-blind designed data acquisitions simultaneously.
Target Participants
The pandemic is creating a new normal. We are responding in kind to meet this challenge.
  • ❯ Large-scale, tokenized, distributed-ledger capture of real-time data from patients, hospitals, and governments around the world.
  • ❯ bioRAVE protected Netgrid—a new Internet of Value—and the Root Ledger with redundant terrestrial- and space-based datastores are aimed at delivering quantum-safe, impregnable privacy-protections.
  • ❯ Netgrid is fundamentally improving the data-transfer protocols to allow for real-time stakeholder access globally.
  • ❯ HxCure is engaged in collaboratively deploying a first-of-its-kind, global integrated healthcare delivery model for consumer to healthcare professionals, pharmacies and insurers.
  • ❯ The Sphenome Heuristics Framework is pilot-ready to offer personalized patient engagement, while being continously improved with publicly-available data.
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